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QuiBids 101

How QuiBids Protects Its Customers

Shopping on QuiBids can be fun, exciting and even lucrative!  Sometimes though, a potentially lucrative shopping opportunity drags out people who will try to take advantage of such a system.  Because of this, QuiBids takes a wide variety of steps to ensure that our customers have a fair bidding experience, and we work to prevent fraudulent users from breaking the rules and creating an unfair advantage. 

QuiBids has a quiet, behind the scenes, but robust Compliance Department with a wide variety of tools to help protect our customers.  Most of our customers will never notice the Compliance Department exists!  That being said, here are some tips to help you continue to have a fun and exciting time at QuiBids:

1.    Know the Rules, and follow them!  These rules were created so that we can guarantee fairness and fun for all of our customers. Our site rules can be found at the bottom of the homepage or an auction page.  Some of these rules, such as the win limits, are automatically applied by our auction platform (e.g. only 12 wins allowed per day)  More importantly, however, our rules involving multiple accounts in a single household and those pertaining to the use of bots to give yourself an advantage over other participants.  Pay special attention to the paragraph at the bottom of the site rules that states: 

Important: Please note that breaking these rules (e.g. by creating multiple accounts for one person or by using bots) violates our terms & conditions and will result in the disabling of all of that customer's accounts. Any items won while in violation of the terms & conditions are not valid and will not be fulfilled. Further, refunds will only be processed for the amounts paid for these items and not for any bids used to win these items while violating the terms & conditions.

Our system is setup this way to protect our customers from the “bad apples” and to provide a disincentive to anyone with the wrong moral idea participating on our site.

2.    Don’t let others use your account, especially minors. Your username and password are private and should only be known by you. We will never ask you for your password, ever.  QuiBids cannot and does not take responsibility for other individuals logging into your account and bidding on auctions. Please do not write to support and claim “My 14 year old son logged into my account and bid on an auction, and I want all my money back for that auction because that was not me.”  It is your responsibility to keep your account information private, and this will only get your account disabled! 

3.    Just be yourself! We want to make sure that your information is protected and that all transactions processed on our website are by customers that are who they say they are. For this reason, we carefully review billing information for each transaction that we process on our site. In the event that this information seems off, we may ask you to verify some information before we ship you the items that you have won or purchased. This does not mean that you have done anything wrong; it is simply a security measure. Please don’t fret about this – QuiBids does not retain any personal information other than what is provided at registration, and QuiBids will never sell any of your information to third parties, as noted in our Privacy Policy. If you refuse to verify your information when requested, or you don’t respond to our verification requests, we will not be able to ship you the items and will refund the purchase price. 

4.    Know your friends. We have made ‘the one account per household’ rule to give everyone a fair shot at winning. If you use a friend’s or family member’s computer to access QuiBids, and they use the same computer to access his or her own QuiBids account, you should be proactive and contact our Customer Support to let them know about this. Also, be especially careful that you don’t get intertwined with “friends” that have already run into trouble with QuiBids Compliance, as this will not reflect well on you during a review! 

5.    We do not tolerate fraud. Stolen credit cards used or attempting to be used on our site are reported to the appropriate authorities. We take fraud very seriously and prosecute whenever possible.

We realize that site rules can sometimes seem boring, but nowadays some rules, structure and boundaries are important to make sure everyone has a chance to have a fun and fair bidding experience.  QuiBids prides itself on being the beacon of ethical and moral business standards in an industry that has a few bad apples of its own, and we believe protecting you as our customer is in all of our long-term best interests. 

All this being said, thank you all so much for your participation! We are looking forward to all of the upcoming new features soon to be added, and we are so glad that you will be a part of it! Happy, safe bidding!

Comments (7)


ogitin Says:

Sunday October 3, 2010

Is there an independent organization watching the process?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

We are registered with the Better Business Bureau and the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. These independent organizations have investigated our business and make sure everything that happens on the site is lawful and fair to our customers.


maxoumarco Says:

Wednesday September 28, 2011

How do you prove to the manufacturer the date of purchase of you product if you don't have a store bill for it?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

You can access your invoice in your account by going under your order history in your account. Your invoice is your receipt for your purchase!


lidm2 Says:

Friday October 7, 2011

To what benefit to me is it to collect the badges?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

By claiming your badges you will receive free bids. Also, badges are a good way to show off your accomplishments to your fellow bidders!



Thursday October 27, 2011


katiehern@QuiBids Says:

QuiBids does not have a monthly or yearly fee to become a member. However, QuiBids is a pay to participate auction web site so you have to purcahse bids prior to placing bids in our auctions.


debhunvt Says:

Monday October 31, 2011

are items new or used?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

All of our items are brand new and factory sealed!


defjamm Says:

Monday June 23, 2014

I purchase 45 bids to many. how do I cancel the order.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Contact our Customer Support Team for help with this refund request!


jess7bids Says:

Saturday October 25, 2014

Does quibids give out/sell personal information? I don't really mind who knows my e-mail address, but is there any possibility of me receiving mail at home other than the products won won the site? Ex: Mail from other companies or even quibids, promotional mailing/coupons, etc.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You can review our entire Privacy Policy for detailed information regarding how your information is treated and handled.

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