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Is QuiBids a Scam?

We often get the question, "Is QuiBids a scam?" Absolutely not!

While it may appear that there is a "QuiBids scam" to someone who is used to online auction sites such as eBay, QuiBids is an entertainment auction site, and should be used as such.

We strongly advise our members to read and understand all of the information provided on our website prior to becoming involved with the process. Of the complaints processed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since opening its file on QuiBids, nearly all of the "QuiBids scam" disputes result from misunderstandings concerning our website's "bid to buy" policies, and could have been avoided if the bidders had read and understood our site's design and policies.

According to the BBB, QuiBids users should also understand that the times reported by the site during the auction and "real time" may not match, especially at the close of an auction; this is not a QuiBids scam or any sort of deceptive action on the part of the site, but rather a function of computer software that may create apparent delays in processing information across the internet. Such delays may be caused by anything from the company's servers to the consumer's own online connection and computer's abilities and do not necessarily mean that there is any sort of QuiBid scam or that the company is cheating the public.

In August 2011, completed an internal controls audit conducted by Grant Thornton, a well-respected accounting and professional services firm. Grant Thornton states that it performed extensive testing in order to determine that QuiBids maintains effective controls providing reasonable assurance that bids are placed by bona fide users. There is no "QuiBids scam" and does not manipulate the bidding process to inflate the bid price or affect who wins the auction (no use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees). In addition, QuiBids maintains effective controls to provide reasonable assurance that winning auctions and "Buy Now" orders are fulfilled (i.e. shipped).

Thank you for reading our site policies and enjoying the QuiBids entertainment auction site.