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Tapers Autumn Harvest

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Tapers Autumn Harvest

Stimulate your senses, bring balance to your mood and delight in your surroundings with the fragrances of the perfect candle. Designed using the science of aromatherapy and color therapy, with the addition of the soft sustainable wick. These candles will deliver benefits beyond the candle itself.


  • Our Rustic Tapers feature a wonderful texture and color
  • They are made using the traditional “drawn taper” process that builds up the wax in many thin layers around the wick. This results in subtle variations of color and excellent burning qualities
  • Each taper burns about 1" an hour; they are smokeless and drip less when burned in a draft-free environment
  • Rustic Tapers are fragrance-free and fit all standard taper holders

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: No Returns

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