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Metro ED500220V Datavac Electric Duster

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Metro ED500220V Datavac Electric Duster

The Metropolitan Vacuum Metro DataVac 500W Electric Duster is more compact and comfortable to use than previous models and features an unbelievably powerful 500W motor that literally blasts dust, dirt and debris off expensive computer and electronic equipment to keep it running at peak efficiency. The Metro DataVac 500W Electric Duster is positioned as a more effective and cost-efficient alternative to canned air products.


  • High-powered blower specifically designed to clean dust and dirt from computer/electronic, audio/video and digital camera equipment
  • Single stage fan
  • 0.75 horsepower motor
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Ideal alternative to non-recyclable canned air
  • Blows clean, filtered air that is safe for all equipment

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • Works perfectly   »   Most Recent Review “This is my second device (the first one caught on fire and my room reeked of burn rubber for a week). But I just can't live without it.”
  • My dream!   »   Most Helpful Reviews “Loud sound indeed! But very compact and fun to use :) My computer misses the dust. A must have for anyone that needs a compact size air condensed can like! I love it.”