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Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Portable Cleaner

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Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Portable Cleaner

Let SpotBot do the hard work removing a stain for you! Bissell SpotBot portable cleaner conveniently provides hands free spot cleaning. SpotBot does the work, simply select the type of stain and WalkAway while the preset cleaning cycles spray, brush and remove both surface and tough set-in stains at the push of a button! This efficient portable deep cleaner uses the Automatic Smart System to deliver just the right amount of portable machine cleaning formula for the type of stain being cleaned. In one surface stain cycle, the Unique Spiral Brushing action completes over 400 cleaning revolutions, for thorough and effective removal of tough stains.

SpotBot features unique Deep Reach Technology. This technology delivers solution further into the carpet where the deepest part of the stain resides for more effective cleaning from the bottom up! For everyday stains, use with BISSELL Little Green formula. For tough pet stains and odors, Bissell Pet Stain and Odor portable machine formula helps remove odor causing bacteria frombacteria from carpet and rugs. Add Bissell Oxy Gen2 formula along with either of these formulas for a boost in cleaning performance and permanent removal of tough stains.

SpotBot is versatile and can be used for manual cleaning with a hose and tool stored on board for cleaning of spots and stains in hard to reach areas. Use it on carpet, upholstery, stairs and auto interiors. The SpotBot stores easily for cleaning up messes anytime and on the go. 


  • The preset cleaning cycles are especially designed to tackle surface and tough set in stains
  • To clean from the bottom up, the Deep Reach Technology releases solution and water deep into the carpet
  • When used with Pet Stain and Odor formula and water, it removes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria
  • The vacuum flex hose is the travel path for dirty water and formula suctioned into the dirty water/collection tank
  • The spray trigger releases water and formula onto the area to be cleaned when in manual mode

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • works as well as my old green machine that finally broke down after 10 years   »   Most Recent Review “I have only had the machine for a few days, but it is doing some hefty work since we are making up for 6 months worth of stains since my last Bissell Little Green Machine finally…”
  • Glad I Hung In There With Bissell   »   Most Helpful Reviews “As a dog breeder, I needed something to pickup the occasional "oops" on the floor. I had originally had a Little Green Spot Machine.”
  • Nothing But Problems   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “This is our 4th SpotBot and have always been big fans. We have several pets, including two adult dogs who have never completely caught on to the concept of only peeing outside, so…”