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Avermedia MTVLIVGHD HD PC Video Capture

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Avermedia MTVLIVGHD HD PC Video Capture

The RECentral Live Gamer HD PCIe Capture Hardware Encoder from AVerMedia tracks all your in-game activity. With the help of H.264 hardware encoder you can record your PC game footages on the same machine without draining the system resources. The gaming performance is not affected and the gameplay can be preserved without frame drop. The Live Gamer HD also has both input and output on the board to deliver real-time gaming experience while capturing in the background.

The Live Gamer HD is designed specifically for PC gamers. It supports a wide range of graphic card resolutions and HDMI/DVI input. The USB-interfaced hot button improves the accuracy and speed for capturing specific in-game scenes. Besides recording HD gameplay, the capture application "RECentral", allows you to record voice commentary at the same time. The RECentral is also capable of streaming live gameplay on to TwitchTV. With the Live Gamer HD, the game machine also serves as the gameplay recorder for you.


  • .264 Hardware Compression
  • The Live Gamer HD tracks every in-game activity of yours. It captures your local PC gameplay without draining system resources. It eliminates the need to set up another PC just for recording game footages. With the Live Gamer HD, the game machine also serves as the gameplay library for you.
  • HDMI and DVI Connectors
  • Due to the special gaming oriented hardware design, the Live Gamer HD works with a wide range of graphic cards. The pass-thru function provides you a zero-delay video capture while gaming in real-time. Additionally, it supports various graphic card resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps to guarantee a perfect recording.
  • PCIe Interface
  • The Live Gamer HD adopts the high speed PCIe interface to offer a smooth and fast data transmission.
  • Dedicated Record Button for Fast Response
  • The included hot button helps you fire up the Live Gamer HD timely and preserve the most exciting in-game moments precisely.
  • Intuitive Configurations for Everyone
  • The RECentral guides you to do the initial configurations for different game platforms. It even provides auto-configuration for newbies.
  • Profile Selection
  • It can keep multiple recording profiles and allows you to select from the drop box when needed. This also allows you to import these profiles after migrating to another PC.
  • Record Voice Commentary with Gameplay
  • The RECentral allows recording of your voice commentary along with the in-game footages to make your walkthrough video more impressive. Additionally, voice recording can be done whenever you want to, regardless of the gameplay recording.
  • Stream your Live Gameplay over the Internet
  • It eliminates the need of searching for compatible streaming software. It helps you broadcast your live gameplay on TwitchTV.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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