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Midland 36-Mile Two-Way Camo Radio

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Midland 36-Mile Two-Way Camo Radio

Midway's GXT1050VP4 two-way, 50-channel radios are designed for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) operation, in a rugged, weatherproof package. With a range of up to 36 miles and Mossy Oak Breakup Camo finish, they're ideal for your next hunting trip. Features include privacy codes, direct/group calling, NOAA weather radio/alert/scan, silent operation, whisper function, SOS siren, and plenty more. Five animal call alerts are also included. Perfect for the outdoorsman.

  • Extra 28 Channels for Increased Privacy
  • XTRA TALK Power- Maximum Allowed by Law
  • Waterproof Against Splashing Water
  • Mossy Oak Breakup Camo
3-Year WarrantyH2OMossy OakNOAAROHS Logo (leaf)50/36 Channels/Range


Clear, crisp communication with easy button access.

Up to 36 Mile Range
Longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction.
387 Privacy Codes
Gives you up to 5560 channel options to help you block other conversations.
NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan
Automatically locks on to your local weather channel and alerts you to severe weather.
SOS Siren
Allows you to send out distress/locator signals in an emergency situation.
JIS4 Waterproof
Protection against light rain or splashing water from all directions on the radio.
Allows you to speak quietly and still be heard clearly by others.
Group Call
Allows you to make "direct calls" to other people within the group without alerting the entire group.
Hands-Free Operation (9 levels) with easy voice activation--no need for an external microphone.
Maximum allowed by law.
Weather Scan
Easily scans the active weather channel in your area.
Direct Call
Allows you to instantly contact one member of your party without alerting the others.
10 Call Alerts
Different call tones to notify you of incoming calls from your group.
Five Animal Call Alerts
Includes Turkey, Duck, Crow, Cougar and Wolf alerts.
Channel Scan
Automatically checks channels for activity.

What's In The Box

  • Pair of radios
  • Belt clips
  • Desktop charger
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Pair of mic headsets
  • AC wall adapter
  • DC (vehicle) adapter
  • Owner's manual

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4 of 5 stars
42% (24)
28% (16)
16% (9)
6% (3)
11% (6)
  • great set of radios   »  bigredd26  Most Recent Review “I use these for 4 wheeling with my friends in the mountains the lead has a one and the last 4x4 rider has one so no one get left behind or stranded, and hunting, the whisper mode…”
  • A great beginner's GMRS "bubble pack" for hiking and camping   »   Most Helpful Reviews “A great two-way radio for direct or simplex communication for campers, hikers or anyone that requires short distance conversation less than two miles.”
  • Buy Only If You Live On the Prairie   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “First Observations: Looks cool. Logical interface. Earpieces cannot seem to get it to stay on my ears, flimsy ear mounts. Oh crap, you mean GMRS requires an FCC license??”