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Dyson Pet Grooming Tool

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Dyson Pet Grooming Tool

The Dyson Groom Tool provides dog owners with a way to help keep their home clean of dog hair. It attaches directly to the hose of your Dyson vacuum cleaner (sold separately), and allows you to brush loose hair directly from your dog's coat. At the release of a button, the collected hair is hygienically sucked into the vacuum without the mess of conventional dog grooming tools. 

The tool removes loose dog hair using its 364 slicker bristles. The bristles are angled at 35° and flex to an upright position when you apply pressure, allowing them to penetrate the dog's coat. Different breeds have different length coats, so bristle length is adjustable using the spring-loaded trigger. The bristles safely and hygienically retract for storage when not in use.

Slicker Bristles 
364 slicker bristles with a diameter of 0.011 inches are positioned in two rows. They remove loose hair in fewer strokes, which is more comfortable for your dog. They’re angled at 35 degrees, so when pressure is applied the bristles flex to an upright position – penetrating the entire coat and grabbing loose hairs

For Medium or Long Haired Dogs 
Changing thumb pressure on the spring-loaded trigger extends or withdraws the slicker bristles. The length required depends on dog breed. Longer haired dogs need a longer bristle length to remove loose hairs from the undercoat. The Dyson groom tool should not be used on short-haired dogs

Storage Mode 
Remove your thumb from the spring trigger and the bristles are pulled back into the tool. Unlike the bristles on ordinary groomers, they won't get damaged during storage or spread captured hair and allergens

Captures Allergens During Grooming 
Suction is split during grooming. Enough suction is directed into the dog's coat to capture dead skin cells without the tool sticking. Removing dead skin cells prevents the spread of allergens and helps make your dog look healthier

Spring-Loaded Trigger 
The spring-loaded trigger gives control over bristle length without having to fiddle around with switches or buttons. Just push down or lift your thumb. Automatically retracts bristles for self-clean and storage modes

One-Hand Control 
The spring-trigger is thumb-operated, so you can adjust bristle length and switch between groom and self-clean modes with one hand. The other hand is free to keep your dog stationary for easier grooming

Fits most Dyson upright and canister vacuums (it isn’t designed for handhelds)


  • Suitable for medium or long haired dogs
  • Slicker bristles positioned at 35 degrees
  • Captures allergens during grooming
  • Remove loose dog hair from the coat before it sheds around the home
  • Collect loose dog hair during grooming
  • Self-cleaning removes hair from the bristles and into the vacuum

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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