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Cold Steel Shamshir Faux Buffalo Horn Handle Saber

Live Auctions

Cold Steel Shamshir Faux Buffalo Horn Handle Saber

Typically, the curved Shamshir blade had a narrow cross section and a sharp point. It had a simple brass or steel crossbar hilt and an equally straightforward handle made from wood or animal horn that terminated in a distinctively bulbous pommel. This pommel was offset slightly to help the hand resist centrifugal force when making a hard cutting stroke. Cold Steel's version of this historic saber replicates the original as closely as possible. The only modifications were to substitute a modern high carbon steel for the blade and to use black faux buffalo horn for the handle.


  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Overall Length: 36.25"
  • Blade Length: 30.50"
  • Handle Material: Black Faux Buffalo Horn
  • Carry System: Leather Scabbard, Black

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • Nice sharp shamshir sword--scimitar   »   Most Recent Review “light and quick sword. No rattle, built completely tight. The bulb handle is a very nice touch and the faux horn material feels good in the hand.”
  • Awesome sword, but small things irritated me.   »   Most Helpful Reviews “Let me start by saying, this is a very, very handsome sword. Came out of the box, pointy and sharp. The weight of the sword alone, About 2 pounds, was more than enough to slice…”
  • Mediocre quality even for the mass-produced sword.   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “To begin with, Cold Steel provides with wrong and historically inaccurate description of what they call "shamshir". The word "shamshir" is wrongly interpreted by many.”