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Crosley CR55 Corded Wall Phone

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Crosley CR55 Corded Wall Phone

The Crosley 302 Phone returns to the wall in this Henry Dreyfuss tribute. Dreyfuss considered a brilliant industrial designer worked with Bell Telephone Laboratories designing telephones that were sensitive to consumers desire to suit a variety of home environments. Well known for the 302 style Desk Phone he later shifted his design efforts to include this wall unit allowing consumers to walk with the phone while cradling it on their shoulder. This unified and balanced form replaced the awkward and ungainly shapes of earlier models


  • Push-button technology
  • Lets you dial a phone number quickly, eliminating the hassle of rotary dialing.
  • Flash/redial function
  • With the push of a button you can see who is on the other line or redial your last outgoing number.
  • Ringer volume switch
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch silences your home when you don't want to hear incoming calls.
  • Earpiece volume control
  • Lets you adjust the volume of the earpiece if you can't hear or it's too loud.
  • Wall-mountable
  • Attach the phone to an easy-to-reach spot on your wall for added convenience.

What's In The Box


  • Crosley Corded 302 Wall Phone
  • Owner's manual

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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Review Snapshot

  • 4 of 5 stars
44% (43)
22% (21)
12% (11)
11% (10)
15% (14)
  • WORST PHONE POSSIBLE AND POOR SERVICE   »   Most Recent Review “Product does not work, sent it back once at considerable cost to me and now I am faced with the same situation, it does not work again.”
  • It is exactly what it looks like...   »   Most Helpful Reviews “This phone was purchased for my wife to go in our vintage inspired red kitchen. It is perfect. As noted in other reviews, the handset is fairly heavy.”
  • Beautiful but hummy   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “Since the day I hung this beautiful phone on the wall I've being dealing with a HuMMMMMM sound on the line. I tried taking the phone to another house but still I have the HUMMMMM…”