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Odyssey ODY-2014 Flying Machines Hand Flyer Star Fighter

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Odyssey ODY-2014 Flying Machines Hand Flyer Star Fighter

ODYSSEY TOYS introduces its Handflyer series of flying machines from Aliens to Spaceships. Easy to maneuver by simply placing your open hand under the sensor of the body on the HandFlyer, and like magic you are able to control the ascent and descent without a remote control. Compact (just 3 3/4" H) and lightweight, this cyber vehicle has a powerful motor that keeps it hovering from ceiling to floor. The remote also doubles as a charger and landing pad. It recharges quickly via the remote and flies for 8 minutes on a full charge. The Hand Motion Controlled Helicopter is a great toy for Kids from 8 to 80.


  • Handflyers have Altitude Sensor to hover automatically
  • Control this UFO Flying Saucer with just the palm of your hands
  • Excellent indoor flier
  • Easy to charge & to fly

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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