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Shut The Box Game - 12 Numbers

Live Auctions

Shut The Box Game - 12 Numbers

This Is A New Game That Is Becoming More Popular By The Moment. It Can Be Played For Fun Or For Money! This Version Of The Game Is Called Shut The Box. It Is A Very Solid Game Unit Of Stained Finish Wood And Green Felt And Comes With Complete With Dice. The Object Of The Game Is To Get The Lowest Score For Your Round. There Are Numbers 1 Through 12 On The Board. If An 8 Is Rolled Then The Number Can Be Shut Off On The Board Or Any Numbers That Add Up To 8 Such As A 6And A 2 Or A 5 And A 3. The Round Ends When A Person Rolls A Number That Cannot Be Taken Of The Board. If The Person Has A 11 And A 9 Left Then Their Score Is20. If That Turns Out To Be The Lowest Score After Everyone Has Taken Their Turn Then That Person Is The Winner. The Game Is Popular As A Wagering Game When All Players Ante Up A Dollar Or More And The Winner Takes The Pot. The Game Box Is 12 Inches By 8.75 Inches. This Is A Great Game For Parties!!! **Instructions Are Not Included


  • Challenges child's mind
  • Great for learning

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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