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Cold Steel Hold Out I Knife 6Ln Edge Coyote - Black

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Cold Steel Hold Out I Knife 6Ln Edge Coyote - Black

Ounce for ounce, the Cold steel Hold Out may well be the strongest folding knives in the industry. The 6" plain edge blade is a satin polished and are extremely broad, it is flat ground from the spine, with a shallow "V" cross-section culminating in a razor sharp hand-honed edge. Continuously curved from the heel to the needle-sharp tip, the blade cuts and shears through tough and fibrous material with ease and makes short work of the task. Its American G-10 handle is a wonder of ergonomic design with coyote handle and black hardware. Allowing a full and secure four-finger grip. It is wonderfully secure in hand and will not roll or twist with use. The grip enhancing G-10 and handle holes further aid traction in a wide range of grips, working equally well tip up, down in an "ice pick" grip or even held like a push dagger!


  • American G-10 coyote handle with black hardware
  • 6 inch plain edge knife
  • Satin polished blades are extremely broad
  • Blade and handle geometry and positioning of the TRI-AD lock came together perfectly
  • Peace of mind that comes with carrying a high performance folder, yet lightweight and easy to carry

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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