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What are Badges?

QuiBids Badges are achievements that display your skills and award you with bids at the same time! Badges are a great way to gain experience on our site, set goals, and earn rewards for being a valuable QuiBids customer. Check out all of our Badges to see which badge you want achieve next!

How do I earn badges?

Looking to earn some QuiBids Badges and the free bids that come with them? We recommend these four steps:

1. Read up. Each badge is different, so the more you know, the more likely you are to earn them!

2. Choose wisely. Because there are a ton of badges to pick from, we recommend you seek out the ones most worth your time.

3. Go get it! Earning a badge gets you free bids, so the sooner you get started, the more bids you’ll stockpile. 

4. Check My Badges regularly. Sometimes you earn badges without even realizing it, so check your My QuiBids account every so often to ensure there aren’t any badge bids you haven’t cashed in.

How do I claim my badges?

Earned a QuiBids Badge but wondering where your free bids are? Don’t worry — they’re waiting for you. You’ve just got to claim the badge first!  Doing so will deposit the bids into your account and display the badge on your profile. To claim your badge:

1. Click My Badges under My QuiBids.

2. Click the green Claim button next to the badge. 

From there, you can choose to make your badge visible or invisible to other bidders. If you’re experiencing issues claiming your badges, please contact Customer Support

How do I know if I've won a badge?

You'll be notified by email and in QBar when you win a badge. If you didn't receive an email, make sure that you read and understood the objectives to receive the badge. Unclaimed badges can also be found on the My QuiBids main page. If you're still uncertain whether or not you should have received a badge, please contact Customer Support

How long do I have to claim my badge?

You have 14 days to claim your badge. If you are experiencing trouble claiming your badge, please contact Customer Support.

Do Real Bids or Voucher Bids come with badges?

Bids earned with badges are always Voucher Bids.

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