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What's a pending transaction?

Fear not, Valued QuiBids Customer! If you're worried that you've been charged double, the first thing you should do is consider if the extra charge on your online credit card statement could be a pending transaction.

A pending transaction, or authorization hold, is a standard banking industry practice of authorizing electronic transactions made with a debit card or credit card. The card's balance will be unavailable either until the merchant clears the transaction (also called settlement), or until the hold "clears off."

This process only gives the appearance of a duplicate transaction. If you recently completed your purchase, it's very likely that the double charge is a pending transaction. Pending transactions will be cancelled by your bank in a few days, and only the original charge will remain.

If you would like more information about pending transactions, please contact your bank or credit card company for the most accurate information pertaining to your statement. If the charge has not cleared after a few days, please contact Customer Support.

What are Limit Busters?

Limit Buster auctions are won or purchased via Buy Now and automatically deduct the specified number of wins from your 28-day auction win limits. This enables you to participate in more auctions. Limit Busters won't cancel out products you've paid for, they simply open up additional spots for more wins. When a limit buster is purchased, it will remove the most recently won items from your 28-day win limits. You can review your Auction Limits page directly through the My QuiBids section or by clicking here. There are three types of Limit Busters:

Bust One - Clear one win out of your account in order to participate in another auction!

Bust Two - Clear two wins out of your account in order to participate in more auctions!

Bust Four - Clear four wins from your account in order to participate in more auctions!

Limit Busters won't affect the following site rules:

  • Only 1 win allowed per 28 days on items with a value price equal to or greater than $1000.
  • Only 1 win of the same product with a value price greater than $285 allowed over a 28-day period
  • The daily win limit of 24 auctions includes Limit Busters and Voucher Bids
  • A user may only win one 250 Voucher Bid auction and two 100 Voucher Bid auctions every 24 hours. Additionally, a user may only win one 500 Voucher Bid auction and one 1000 Voucher Bid auction every 7 days.

Where do I go to submit a review?

First, find the product page for the particular product you want to review. From there, scroll down to the “Reviews” tab.” See where it says “Manage My Reviews” on the left-side toolbar? Under that, click “Submit Review” and get to writing! You may also comment on other customers’ reviews or click the “Like” button. Remember you can only submit one review per product. 

What goes into a good review?

To write a good review, we recommend spending some time with your product.  Get acquainted with it and use it as long as it takes to learn what its pros and cons are, how it suits your lifestyle, and how it measures up to your expectations. 

Also, please keep in mind that reviews that make mention of anything other than the actual product will not be approved for display. In other words, write a review of the product itself, not a story about the auction you won, or what you paid in shipping and handling, or how nice a QuiBids Customer Support representative was to you on the phone. Reviews should be about products exclusively.

Why doesn't my review or comment display immediately?

In order to ensure that the reviews are useful for QuiBids’ customers and not obscene or obnoxious, all reviews will follow an approval channel before being posted. We will not approve reviews with foul language, promotional content, personal information, or any content deemed inappropriate for QuiBids customers. You can read a full list of rules concerning QuiBids reviews here.

What kind of bids are included when I buy a product from the QuiBids Store?

They’re Voucher Bids. Unlike Real Bids, Voucher Bids don’t count toward a discount on a QuiBids product purchased using Buy Now. Only Real Bids —which are purchased directly from QuiBids— will count toward a Buy Now.

I need to return a product I purchased from QuiBids Store. What happens to the bids I received?

We’re sorry the product did not work out for you, and we are happy to accept your return as long as it accords with our standard return policy. Additionally, in the case of a Store purchase, you will have to return the Voucher Bids that were included with the product. If it’s the case that you’ve already placed these bids in an auction then we will deduct their value (each bid is worth sixty cents) from the amount of money refunded. 

For instance, let’s say you purchased a product for $100 at the Store and received ten Voucher Bids for doing so. You subsequently spend those ten Voucher Bids on an auction, leaving your account without any Voucher Bids. If you were to decide to return the $100 product you received, you will receive a $94 refund, to account for the six-dollar value of those ten Voucher Bids.

What's the QBar?

The QBar is located at the bottom of your screen whenever you're logged in. It features five key components: User Profile View, My QuiBids, My Bids, Watchlist and Notifications.

The QBar was developed for your convenience and to keep you informed about your QuiBids account. You can do almost everything in one place!

QBar- What's the QuickBuy?

The QuickBuy feature located on the QBar allows you to buy bids directly from the auction page!  If your credit card information is saved, then you can purchase bids through the QBar at any time! You can buy as many as 500 bids at a time (in 25 bid increments) by sliding the bid bar over to the amount of bids you wish to purchase.

QBar- What payment methods can I use with the QuickBuy feature?

The only payment methods available for QuickBuy are the options saved within your billing information under My QuiBids. You cannot add new payment information to the QuickBuy directly.

QBar- How do I minimize the QBar?

You can minimize the QBar by clicking on the QBar logo that is located on the far left side. If you want to open the QBar after minimizing, simply click on the QBar logo again.

QuiBids Promotions

From time to time, QuiBids may offer promotions through various different channels at QuiBids’ sole discretion. Some of these channels include phone, e-mail, chat, and social media platforms. At times, not all QuiBids customers may qualify for a specific promotion as determined by QuiBids. In order to qualify for a promotion, a customer will be notified directly by QuiBids, and the criteria and requirements may not be disclosed. In order to claim and receive a promotional reward, all requirements and instructions must be met within the appropriate time frame, if applicable. Promotions may require a Starter Bid Pack purchase.

What if I received something different from the image on the auction page?

This may happen from time to time depending on several factors. We encourage you to read the product description for the most accurate information regarding the displayed item. The picture displayed may be a suggested representation of the item picturing accessories not actually included with the listed item. If you do receive an item different than the description, you can contact our customer support team to return the item according to our Return Policy.

What is an E-Gift Card?

An E-Gift card (or electronic gift card) is a digital gift card that is sent to you electronically rather than a physical gift card sent via mail. An E-Gift Card functions exactly the same as a physical card. 


What are the advantages of E-Gift Cards?

Shorter delivery times: Since E-gift cards are delivered directly to you, it significantly reduces the time between placing your order and receiving your gift card. With standard mail, typical delivery time can be anywhere from 7-10 business days. With an e-gift card, you should typically receive delivery within 3-5 business days from when your order is processed. Please note, as with all orders this is an estimate.


How does it work?

Complete the checkout for your E-gift card and allow a few days for our team to process your order. Within 3-5 business days after your order is processed, you should be alerted that your E-gift card order is closed. At this time, check your My QuiBids tab under E-Gift Cards. You should see all available E-Gift cards there. Click the link provided by each E-Gift card order and enter the code, if applicable.

You can also access these in your Order History by clicking an order number then clicking on that specific E-Gift card item within the order. Follow the link to redeem and download your E-gift card.



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